Walter Peel

World Croquet Federation

Hall of Fame

Walter Hayward Peel

Born: 1847

Died: 27 October 1897

Inducted: 2013


Walter Peel, who was a cousin of Walter Jones Whitmore, founded the United All England Croquet Association in 1896 and was elected the first Secretary. This was later to become the Croquet Association. Peel died after a heart attack in October 1897, only weeks after the first committee meeting of the new association.

As a player, Peel won the second Open Championship at Wimbledon in 1868 and had further wins in 1870 and 1871.

The Peel Memorials, separate handicaps events for men and women, were instituted in his honour in 1898 but Peel is mainly remembered for giving his name to the term ‘peeling’, a line of play (which involves causing a ball to run a hoop as a result of contact with another ball) of which he was said to be very fond.