2018 Association Croquet World Championship

The 2018 Association Croquet World Championship (“ACWC”) will be held at the Kelburn Croquet Club in Wellington, New Zealand (and other venues) from Saturday, 3 February to Sunday, 11 February 2018 in accordance with version 4.8 of the Event Regulations and version 8.8 of the Sports Regulations.

The Event Capacity is 80.  The current entry list may be found here.


The event website may be found at: http://www.sporty.co.nz/2018acworldchampionships


A Qualifying Tournament will be held from Tuesday, 30 January to Thursday, 1 February 2018 at the Rose Gardens Croquet Club, Palmerston North.  The four highest-placed finishers will gain places in the ACWC.  Applications may be made to Jake Inwood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The remaining key date is shown below.


This is the last date on which entries can be received to fill any vacancies in the Qualifying Tournament.  It is also the last date on which any returned Membership Places can be replaced by a player from the same country.

Following the passing of the Cut-Off Date on 17 December 2017, any future withdrawals will filled by increasing the number of Qualifier Places.  The Reserve List is no longer in operation.

2018 ACWC entry fees

2018 Association Croquet World Championship


Entry fees

Players are encouraged to pay their entry fee of £108 as soon as possible and in any event by midnight on Tuesday, 24 October 2017.  Payment will be accepted by bank transfer or by PayPal.


Bank transfer

If you have a UK bank account or can transfer money into a UK bank account without significant charges, please pay the entry fee by bank transfer to the WCF bank account below.  In the "reference" or "remark" field, please put your name so it is clear to whom the entry fee relates.

Sort code: 20-20-15

Account No: 10138142

Account name: World Croquet Federation

Bank: Barclays


IBAN: GB55 BARC 2020 1510 1381 42



If it is not possible to pay by bank transfer, please use the PayPal button below.


Number of Entrants

2018 ACWC - Reserve List

2018 Association Croquet World Championship


Reserve List 

The Reserve List will be updated using the latest 12 month Maximum Grades when a vacancy caused by a withdrawal is notified to the WCF.  A new list will be published when the vacancy has been filled.

The returned place will be offered to the player at the top of the list.  If that player is unable to accept the place, the place will be offered to the next player on the list.  This process will be continued until the place is filled.  Any player unable to accept a place when offered will be removed from the Reserve List but may reapply for admission if their circumstances change.

The Reserve List will also be updated whenever a player applies to be added to the Reserve List and at the end of September, October and November.

The Reserve List will close at midnight on the Cut-Off Date, Sunday, 17 December 2017.  After that date, vacancies will be filled by increasing the number of Qualifying Places.

The list was last updated on 29 November 2017.  Those who have dropped out of the Reserve List because they have not played 10 ranked games in the 12 months ended on that date will be automatically added back if they have played 10 ranked games in the 12 months ending on a future amendment date.

RESERVE LIST   (ordered by 12 month Max Grade*)
* as at 24 October 2017    
1   WHITE Macey United States
2   CHANG Eugene England
3   COLCLOUGH Kathleen Australia
4   FIELD Jim England
5   ROBINSON Alison New Zealand
6   FISHER Graeme New Zealand
7   MURRAY Andre New Zealand
8   BOAL Kenn Australia
9   ARNEY John Australia
10   TODOROVICH MIke United States




2018 ACWC - Membership, Ranking and Wild Card Places

2018 Association Croquet World Championship


Following the passing of the Closing Date on 24 September 2017, a total of 76 places have now been awarded.  These consist of 20 Membership Places, 54 Ranking Places (including seven Replacement Ranking Places) and two Wild Card Places.  The remaining four places will be awarded to the four highest finishers in the Qualifying Tournament.

Entry fees for any future replacments are due within one month of taking up the place.  Bank transfer information and a PayPal button may be found at 2018 ACWC entry fees.

The lists will be updated when a vacancy caused by a withdrawal is filled.  The lists were last updated on 29 November 2017.


MEMBERSHIP PLACES (sorted by country and alphabetically)
1   HAWKER Janine Australia
2   WALSH Alan Australia
3   PERCIVAL-SMITH Chris Canada
4   WESTAWAY Peter Canada
5   MCDIARMID Annabel England
6   MOBERLY John-Paul England
7   SAVINOVS Andrejs Latvia
8   BULLEN Brian New Zealand
9   CHRISTIE John New Zealand
10   COUTTS Jarrod New Zealand
11   FREETH Josh New Zealand
12   GARRISON Toby New Zealand
13   JONES Steve New Zealand
14   TAHURANGI Harps New Zealand
15   WRIGHT Michael New Zealand
16   HOUSTON David Scotland
17   OJEDA Juan Spain
18   NORBACK Joakim Sweden
19   BAST Jim United States
20   JENKINS Simon United States
ALL RANKING PLACES  (sorted by country and alphabetically)
1   BASSETT Trevor Australia
2   BEARD Kevin Australia
3   CHAPMAN Nick Australia
4   FLETCHER Greg Australia
5   FLETCHER Malcolm Australia
6   FLETCHER Robert Australia
7   FORSTER Stephen Australia
8   HOCKEY Simon Australia
9   HONEY Alan Australia
10   HYLAND Callum Australia
11   MCCORMICK Dwayne Australia
12   MURPHY Tim Australia
13   NEWCOMBE Jeff Australia
14   NICHOLLS Jim Australia
15   RICHARDS Stephen Australia
16   SHARPE Alison Australia
17   WILSON Edward Australia
18   WISE David Australia
19   CUMMING Brian Canada
20   CARTER Christian England
21   CORDINGLEY Phil England
22   DEATH James England
23   GIRAUD Alain England
24   HIGGINS Gabrielle England
25   LINES Ian England
26   MAUGHAM David England
27   MULLINER Stephen England
28   MYERS Andy England
29   PATEL Samir England
30   POWE Jonathan England
31   SMITH Richard M England
32   TOWN Mike England
33   TRIMMER Pete England
34   WILKINSON Robert England
35   BRYANT Greg New Zealand
36   BULLOCH Dennis New Zealand
37   CHAPMAN Paddy New Zealand
38   CLARKE Jenny New Zealand
39   CRASHLEY Mike New Zealand
40   FILBEE Peter New Zealand
41   HAKES Aiken New Zealand
42   HOGAN Joe New Zealand
43   MORROW Nelson New Zealand
44   SHILLING Chris New Zealand
45   MURRAY Sam Scotland
46   BAMFORD Reg South Africa
47   RIVA Jose Spain
48   ABDELWAHAB Sherif United States
49   BENNETT Paul United States
50   LAWRENCE Stuart United States
51   MALOOF David United States
52   MORGAN Stephen United States
53   SOO Jeff United States
54   BURRIDGE Ian Wales
RANKING PLACES  (ordered by 12 month MaxGrade*)
* as at 13 August 2017    
1   FLETCHER Robert Australia
2   BAMFORD Reg South Africa
3   CHAPMAN Paddy New Zealand
4   MAUGHAM David England
5   BRYANT Greg New Zealand
6   MULLINER Stephen England
7   HAKES Aiken New Zealand
8   PATEL Samir England
9   MALOOF David United States
10   FLETCHER Malcolm Australia
11   RIVA Jose Spain
12   DEATH James England
13   SKINLEY Paul New Zealand
14   FLETCHER Greg Australia
15   HOCKEY Simon Australia
16   FORSTER Stephen Australia
17   TRIMMER Pete England
18   CARTER Christian England
19   GIRAUD Alain England
20   SHILLING Chris New Zealand
21   SOO Jeff United States
22   NEWCOMBE Jeff Australia
23   CLARKE Jenny New Zealand
24   MCCORMICK Dwayne Australia
25   NICHOLLS Jim Australia
26   LINES Ian England
27   BEARD Kevin Australia
28   HOGAN Joe New Zealand
29   WALTERS David Wales
30   CUMMING Brian Canada
31   MORGAN Stephen United States
32   HYLAND Callum Australia
33   FISHER Harry England
34   BURRIDGE Ian Wales
35   BASSETT Trevor Australia
36   LAWRENCE Stuart United States
37   POWE Jonathan England
38   MYERS Andy England
39   SHARPE Alison Australia
40   SMITH Richard M England
41   BASSETT Claire Australia
42   MURRAY Sam Scotland
43   WILSON Edward Australia
REPLACEMENT RANKING PLACES  (ordered by 12 month MaxGrade*)
* as at 29 November 2017  
1   WILKINSON Robert England
2   BENNETT Paul United States
3   BULLOCH Dennis New Zealand
4   CHAPMAN Nick Australia
5   HIGGINS Gabrielle England
6   RICHARDS Stephen Australia
7   ABDELWAHAB Sherif United States
8   CORDINGLEY Phil England
9   TOWN Mike England
10   FILBEE Peter New Zealand
11   PAILAS Daniel United States
12   CRASHLEY Mike New Zealand
13   MORROW Nelson New Zealand
14   HONEY Alan Australia
15   WISE David Australia
16   MURPHY Tim Australia
1   FORDYCE Edmund New Zealand
2   WEBBY Felix New Zealand