2019 GCWC Qualifying Tournament

28 applications were received by midnight on 26 May 2019.  The top 24 players by grade calculated as at that date are awarded places and the remaining two form the Reserve List in grade order.

As at 16 July 2019, there will be six Qualifying Places available following two withdrawals after the Cut-Off date of 9 June 2019.


1   Simon Carter  
2   Raouf Allim  
3   Sherif Abousbaa  
4   Sherif El Tarahouny  
5   Christopher Roberts  
6   David Wise  
7   Elizabeth Farrow  
8   Richard Brooks  
9   Jayne Stevens  
10   Nelson Morrow  
11   Helen Reeves  
12   Peter Coles  
13   Simon Carlsson  
14   Stephen Leonard  
15   Roger Goldring  
16   Roger Barnacle  
17   Christopher Heath  
18   Andrew Carpenter  
19   Andrejs Savinovs  
20   Begona Elzaburu  
21   Luis Alvarez-Sala  
22   Paz Gonzalez de Aguilar  
23   Archibald Zimonyi  


1   Paul Gunn 1825
2   Carlos Munoz


3   Manuel Marcos Fal 1514

2019 GC World Championship - entry fees

2019 Golf Croquet World Championship

Entry fees

Players are encouraged to pay their entry fee of £108 as soon as possible and in any event by midnight on Tuesday, 26 February 2019.  Payment will be accepted by bank transfer or by PayPal.

Bank transfer

If you have a UK bank account or can transfer money into a UK bank account without significant charges, please pay the entry fee by bank transfer to the WCF bank account below.  In the "reference" or "remark" field, please put your name so it is clear to whom the entry fee relates.

Sort code: 20-20-15

Account No: 10138142

Account name: World Croquet Federation

Bank: Barclays


IBAN: GB55 BARC 2020 1510 1381 42


If it is not possible to pay by bank transfer, please use the PayPal button below.

Number of Entrants

2019 GC World Championship - list of competitors

2019 Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship

List of competitors awarded Ranking, Membership and Wild Card Places

as at 16 July 2019

1   Martin Clarke AUS
2   David Hanbidge AUS
3   Lester Hughes AUS
4   Nour Ali EGY
5   Ahmed El Mahdi EGY
6   Mostafa Eissa EGY
7   Omar Fahmy EGY
8   Fathy Farouk EGY
9   Yasser Fathy EGY
10   Karim Ghamry EGY
11   Naguib Hossam EGY
12   Mohamed Karem EGY
13   Abeer Mostafa EGY
14   Mohamed Nasr EGY
15   Ahmed Nasr EGY
16   Khaled Tharwat EGY
17   Walid Wahban EGY
18   Richard Bilton ENG
19   Robert Fulford ENG
20   John-Paul Moberly ENG
21   Stephen Mulliner ENG
22   Jonathan Powe ENG
23   Tobi Savage ENG
24   Manuel Alvarez-Sala ESP
25   Jose Riva ESP
26   Rafael Romero ESP
27   George Coulter NZL
28   Duncan Dixon NZL
29   Joshua Freeth NZL
30   Sherif Abdelwahab USA
31   Ahab Dincer USA
32   David Maloof USA
33   Ben Rothman USA
34   Jeff Soo USA
35   Ian Burridge WAL
36   Reg Bamford ZAF
1   Kevin Beard AUS
2   Alison Sharpe AUS
3   Pierre Beaudry BEL
4   Amr Hamdy CAN
5   John Richardson CAN
6   Ian Sexton CHE
7   Wolfgang Usbeck DEU
8   Hamy Erian EGY
9   Mostafa Nezar EGY
10   Nicholas Archer ENG
11   Nicholas Cheyne ENG
12   Mark Daley ENG
13   Peter Dowd ENG
14   Harry Fisher ENG
15   Tim King ENG
16   Guy Scurfield ENG
17   Lionel Tibble ENG
18   Andres Alvarez-Sala ESP
19   Jose Alvarez-Sala ESP
20   Lars Boman FIN
21   Mark Stephens IRL
22   Charles von Schmieder IRL
23   Roberts Stafeckis LVA
24   Brian Bullen NZL
25   Hamish McIntosh NZL
26   Dusan Turcer PRT
27   Lorna Dewar SCO
28   Fergus Thompson SCO
29   Joi Elebo SWE
30   Fernando Bonilla URU
31   Cheryl Bromley USA
32   Macey White USA
33   Peter Balchin WAL
34   Murray Buchanan ZAF
35   Judith Hanekom ZAF
1   Euan Burridge ENG
2   Jamie Gumbrell AUS

WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship 2019

The WCF Simon Carter Golf Croquet World Championship 2019 will be held at the Sussex County Croquet Club in West Sussex, England (and other venues) from Saturday, 27 July to Sunday, 4 August 2019 in accordance with version 4.9 of the Event Regulations and version 8.9 of the Sports Regulations.

There is a dedicated Event Website which may be found here.

Qualifying Tournament will be held at Guildford & Godalming Croquet Club from Monday, 22 July to Thursday, 25 July 2019.  The Allocation Date was 26 May 2019.  The list of players awarded places and those on the Reserve List may be found here.  Following two withdrawals after the Cut-Off date of 9 June 2019, the top six competitors will be awarded Qualifying Places in the main event.

No further applications to join the Qualifying Tournament Reserve List will now be accepted.  Entry fees for succesful qualifiers may be paid by clicking on 2019 GC World Championship - entry fees


The list of competitors with confirmed entries may be found at 2019 GC World Championship - list of competitors.

Following the passing of the Cut-Off Date on 9 June 2019, the Replacement Ranking List is no longer in use.  Any further withdrawals by holders of Ranking Places or Wild Card Places will be filled by awarding extra Qualifying Places.

If a holder of a Membership Place withdraws , the relevant WCF Member is entitled to name a substitute within 14 days or, if earlier, by the Qualifying Tournament Closing Date.  If no such substitute can be named in time, the vacancy will also be filled by awarding an extra Qualifying Place. 


Qualifying Tournament Closing Date: Sunday, 7 July 2019

This is the last date on which entries can be received to fill any vacancies in the Qualifying Tournament. It is also the last date on which any returned Membership Places can be replaced by a player from the same country.