2020 Association Croquet World Championship

The 2020 Association Croquet World Championship (“ACWC”) will be held at the Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea, Melbourne, Victoria (and other venues) from Saturday, 15 February to Sunday, 23 February 2020 in accordance with version 4.9 of the Event Regulations and version 8.9 of the Sports Regulations. The Event Capacity is 80.

A dedicated event website may be found here.

Qualifying Tournament will be held from Sunday, 9 February to Wednesday, 12 February 2020 from which the four highest-placed finishers will gain places in the ACWC. Details of the venue and how to enter the Qualifying Tournament will be made available in due course.

An on-line entry form is available here.


Following the passing of the Closing Date on 22 September 2019, 20 Membership Places were taken up.  One Wild Card place has been awarded and four Qualifying Places have been reserved.  Accordingly, 55 Ranking Places, one Wild Card Place and 20 Membership Places have been awarded to the players listed here.


The entry fee of £108 should be paid as soon as possible and, for an individual who is awarded a replacement place following a withdrawal, within one month of the date of award.  If the entry fee is not paid by that date, the relevant player will be deemed to have withdrawn and their place will become a Replacement Ranking Place.

The procedure for payment may be found at here.


The current Replacement Ranking List ("RRL") may be found here.  It closes after the Cut-Off Date.

Any player who has played at least 10 ranked games in the preceding 12 months is entitled to apply to the WCF Secretary-General to be added to the RRL.  If a player with a Ranking Place withdraws, their place will be offered to the player on the RRL who has the highest published 12 month Maximum Grade at midnight GMT on the day on which the withdrawal is notified to the WCF Secretary-General.  If that player cannot accept the place, it will be offered to the other players on the RRL in descending 12 month Maximum Grade order.

QUALIFYING Tournament Allocation Date: Sunday, 8 December 2019

Entries for the Qualifying Tournament received by this date will be accepted in ranking position order as shown in the Qualifier Ranking List which is itself calculated as at the end of the QTAD. If the Qualifying Tournament is over-subscribed on this date, unsuccessful entrants will be placed on a Qualifying Tournament Reserve List, also in ranking position order.

CUT-OFF DATE: Sunday, 29 December 2019

This is the date after which any returned Ranking Places or Wild Card Places are filled by creating extra Qualifying Places.

Qualifying Tournament Closing Date: Sunday, 26 January 2020

This is the last date on which entries can be received to fill any vacancies in the Qualifying Tournament. It is also the last date on which any returned Membership Places can be replaced by a player from the same country.